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Ways to

Get Involved at Manor Memorial

Food Pantry

Our Food Pantry operates on the 3rd Thursday of each month from 1 pm to 5 pm.


If you are in need of food assistance, simply come to Manor Memorial Methodist Church at 9320 N. Congress Street in New Market.                        The food pantry is located at the rear of the church.

Please come to the food pantry door to register and receive a large assortment of pre-bagged foods.

**Inclement Weather** If Shenandoah County schools are closed; the Food Pantry will be closed also and will reopen the next day (Friday) for regular hours. If schools are closed on Friday, we will be open the next day school is open.


For your own safety, if you have not been vaccinated, we strongly encourage you to wear a mask.

Benevolence Fund

The purpose of the Benevolence Fund of Manor Memorial UMC is to provide short-term material help to persons and families who contact the church seeking relief for emergency needs. In keeping with our church’s mission statement, we seek to recognize Christ in the needs of others and to share the love of Christ with them in appropriate ways. We provide assistance to those living in the area covered by the Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry as well as travelers passing through town.  We provide emergency food,  help with electric and water bills, gas for their car, and emergency lodging at a local motel.

Mercy Fund

The purpose of the Mercy Fund of Manor Memorial UMC is to provide financial assistance to persons who find themselves in a catastrophic situation. The Mercy Fund is intended for those who will require sustained help that goes beyond the scope of our Benevolence Fund. We have broadened our purpose by showing local employees our appreciation of their work and being involved in a prison ministry.




Monetary donations for any of the above missions can be dropped off at the church office at 9320 N Congress St. or put in the offering plate during Sunday worship services.


We thank you for supporting our church’s missions!